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TidyHook Auto

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TidyHook Multi-Pack

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TidyHook “The Pack Daddy”

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TidyHook Auto keeps your car clean

Keep your vehicle trash and clutter-free!  Keep trash from flying out of your vehicle (especially for convertible owners), accessible for everyone in the car!

Very convenient for the driver and all passengers. Keeps trash contained.

Extra durable, heavy-duty plastic bags are leak-proof and tear-resistant.

Helps prevent spread of disease, very important these days.

TidyHook Home is versatile

Indoors or outdoors. Homes, shops, kitchens, campsites, doorknobs and cabinet handles! Grills and patios, RVs and agricultural equipment. You can even use TidyHook in your closet to hang ties!

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, in any location!

Picnics, the beach, tailgating… the uses are unlimited!

Keep your boat, campers & trailer neat & clean with TidyHook Home

See How Tidyhook Works

Helps Keep Your Car Clean & Organized

Leak-Resistant Reuseable Bags

Convenient "Side-of-the-Seat" Placement

Installs In Seconds – Just Hook Into Position

Helps Prevent Dangerous Distractions

Creates New Space In Your Vehicle

TidyHook AUTO just $12.88 + FREE SHIPPING!👇

TidyHook is just $9.88 + FREE SHIPPING! 👇


Check out how our happy customers are using their TidyHook and TidyHook Auto!

A Griller’s Dream!

“I really love to grill and barbecue but always forget to bring a trashcan outside – until my hands are nasty and there’s garbage blowing all over the deck. Like those little pieces of paper to separate the hamburger patties lol – and then they fly away with one gust of wind.

My wife grabbed me this Tidy hook after seeing a Facebook ad and I love it. It hangs right outside next to my grill so I always have a place to put all the trash and I don’t have to lug my trash can in and out. Wish I had this years ago haha – it would have saved me a lot of aggravation. – K. James”

Perfect For Convertibles!

“Love it! My husband has a convertible and the TidyHook has been a game-changer. We were always those people with the little pieces of trash blowing out of the car (napkins, wrappers, etc.) – unsafe and unsanitary.

Using a regular plastic bag didn’t work because that would also blow around lol. Pretty embarrassing. We were pleasantly surprised at how well the TidyHook worked to solve that problem. It fits nicely on the passenger seat and keeps trash secure so so we don’t have to worry about being “that family” anymore. Car’s clean, no trash blowing out, perfect! Also, huge bonus that it’s made in the USA and looks good too. – Jennifer”

The HOOK that solves all your clutter problems!

TidyHook Auto

hangs off passenger’s seat, so you can keep your car clean even if you have a messy family or friends! They’ll finally have a place for their trash.

Always a place to hang TidyHook

Take TidyHook everywhere you go, and always have a place to keep your trash… even at the beach, camping, tailgating, golfing and more!

Easy snap-on and snap-off

Bring TidyHook anywhere which means you’ll no longer be picking up trash all over your boat, car, deck or yard after the company leaves!

TidyHook keeps bag wide open

Convenient design keeps the bag open so your hands don’t get dirty, which means you can accomplish more faster! Just drop your trash and move on!

TidyHook stays put

TidyHook’s “loop swivel” design stays securely fastened so it won’t fly away and flop around if there’s a big gust of wind! Never be the guy chasing his trash again!

Perfect for car, home, grilling on the deck, collecting garbage at a picnic, or picking up debris around the yard. 

Watch this video 📹 to see how TidyHook can save the day!

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"TIDY UP YOUR LIFE" with the TidyHook Home

  • Hanger base with 2 Hooks, to hold the bag open
  • Uniquely designed lnterchangable Pin
  • Perfect for any location


"TIDY UP YOUR LIFE" with the TidyHook Auto

  • Universal Fit
  • New Side of Seat Design
  • Cleaner Vehicle
  • Less Clean-Up Time Later
  • Driver-Centered Design
  • Passenger and Child Friendly
  • Central Bag Location
  • High Grade Temperature-Resistant Conforming Material