FAQs About TidyHook

Why did you build the TidyHook?

I was always hanging plastic bags in my kitchen on the doorknobs and cabinet handles, and the bags didn’t hang as I wanted.

How does the TidyHook work and fit?

It’s a handy interchangeable versatile two-part device (a flexible looped swivel clip pin and the bag hanger) that’s specifically designed to swivel and flex so that it will fit on both handles or knobs (which are at opposite angles or different degrees) for hanging various items, especially bags. The flexible looped swivel clip pin attaches to most locations that are 1.20″ diameter or less. The flexible pin will slide around and connect back to the bag hanger and latch to hang a bag or item of your choice.

Where can the TidyHook be used?

Indoors or outdoors. Homes, shops, kitchens, on doorknobs and cabinet handles. Boats, in RVs, in agriculture and industrial equipment and semis, on grills and patio doors, and many other locations! You can even use TidyHook in your closet to hang ties!

Can the TidyHook be detached easily and moved to another location?

Yes! To detach, the press the two-finger grips together and slip apart.

What's the TidyHook weight limit?

15 pounds tested.

Does the TidyHook come in different colors?

Not at this time, but maybe soon!

Will the TidyHook fit in a vehicle?

Yes, but for vehicles, we recommend the TidyHook Auto!

FAQs About TidyHook Auto


Why did you build the TidyHook Auto?

Like most people, I had a “clutter” problem in my vehicle…. there was too much of it! After trying 26 different products, I couldn’t find anything that was designed for the driver’s convenience. Also, I couldn’t find anything with big enough bags! So I built the TidyHook to solve my own problem.

What's the TidyHook Auto used for?

To collect food wrappers, water bottles, and other garbage that accumulates in the car. It’s curved so the driver can easily and safely reach it.

Will the TidyHook Auto fit in my vehicle?

Absolutely, as long as your front passenger’s seat has standard twin adjustable headrest posts.

How do I install the TidyHook Auto?

Easy! Lift the headrest up on the front passenger’s seat and clip the Tidy Hook to both headrest posts. Make sure it’s allowed to hang off the left shoulder of the seat and make sure it’s curved toward the front of the vehicle. Attach the tidy Bag to the teardrop bag hooks, and reposition the headrest to your desired location.

Will the TidyHook Auto fit different seat shoulder designs and shapes?

Yes, the TidyHook Auto can bend and flex to fit different seat shapes! You can either shape it yourself, or after several days TidyHook will conform on its own!

Can TidyHook Auto be detached easily to use in other vehicles?

Yes, just unsnap it from the headrest posts and you’re ready to go!

How was the TidyHook Auto tested?

Nearly 4 years of research and development, numerous design variations with over 75 prototype changes, 16 to 18 different materials tested in 150-degree vehicle heat. Consumer and focus group tested in over 125 different vehicle models with 81% Approval Rating.

What's the TidyHook Auto weight limit?

5 pounds tested.

What's the TidyHook Auto temperature limit?

150 degrees tested.

Does the TidyHook Auto come in different colors?

Not presently.

Is the TidyHook Auto washable?


Is the TidyHook Auto recyclable?

Yes, both products are also made using recycled material.

Are their seats the TidyHook Auto will not fit?

Yes, it will not fit seats with non-adjustable, single or no headrest posts. It also will not fit seats with twin posts that are less than 3.25″ apart or more than 6.75″ apart.

FAQs About Tidy Hook Bag

Is Tidy Bag considered a single use plastic grocery bag?
No, Tidy Bag (2.25 mil thickness) meets and exceeds all legislative guidelines and is classified as a REUSABLE bag for uses anywhere.
What’s the thickness of Tidy Bag compared to a standard grocery bag?
The standard grocery bag averages .55 mil. thickness. Tidy Bag is 2.25 mil thickness. That’s a 4X thicker bag!
What’s the size of Tidy Bag?
12″x 8″x 22″, 6 gallons storage capacity. Examples of what it can hold: 6 empty 2-liter cola bottles, 24 empty 16.9 oz. water bottles, 6 chicken boxes.
What’s Tidy Bag made from?
Recycled LDPE material.
What’s the weight limit of Tidy Bag?
The Tidy Bag is rated at 10 lbs.
What’s Tidy Bag's rating?
Extra durable heavy-duty reusable bag. Recyclable, puncture and water-resistant.
How long will Tidy Bag last with average uses?
Estimated 1 – 8 weeks unless the bag is cut, burnt, or contaminated badly.
How many times can Tidy Bag be reused?
Estimated 5 – 30 times unless the bag is cut, burnt, or contaminated badly.