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16 reviews for TidyHook Home

  1. Cindy N

    Our family loves our Tidy Hooks. Easy to install and use. Very reasonably priced. Handy in multiple locations. Our cars were once roving garbage cans! But no longer the case!

  2. Cindy Nichols

    Our family loves our Tidy Hooks! They are easy to install and handy to use in multiple locations. Reasonably priced as well. Our cars were once roving garbage cans! But no longer! Highly recommended

  3. Gaylene Ricketts

    Love, Love, Love MY TIDY HOOK!!! No more carting around a bulky trash can from room to room. I can do my kids projects or crafts; keeping the area clean as we work. And, in the car…THIS IS A MOTHER’S BEST FRIEND. That is if you love keeping your children in clean, organized, “TIDY” environment. LOL

  4. Christopher Guerrera

    Absolutely LOVE my TidyHook Auto and Home, both make organizing sooooo much easier. I use the Home in my laundry room, closest’s, pantry, bathroom, kitchen, in my garage and on my patio. With my Auto I use it faithfully in my Land Rover, the PERFECT addition to keeping me organized . Looks Amazing!!!

  5. Matt G

    For someone who drives upwards of 30K miles per year, The Tidy Hook is a life saver….or a car saver I should say. Highly recommended. No more water bottles and coffee cups rolling around on the floor!

  6. James

    I really love to grill and barbecue but always forget to bring a trashcan outside – until my hands are nasty and there’s garbage blowing all over the deck. Like those little pieces of paper to separate the hamburger patties lol – and then they fly away with one gust of wind. My wife grabbed me this Tidy hook after seeing a Facebook ad and I love it. It hangs right outside next to my grill so I always have a place to put all the trash and I don’t have to lug my trash can in and out. Wish I had this years ago haha – it would have saved me a lot of aggravation.

  7. Tanya Lauro

    This has made my life as a nanny “easy” I have one on each seat so the kids can help with cleanup. Great gift idea for Mother’s or Father’s Day.

  8. Katie

    One of the best inventions of all time. Why you might ask:
    1. No excuse for a messy vehicle anymore. Even my husband can keep his vehicle clean now!
    2. Perfect position for throwing away trash even while driving.
    3. Priced right even though your sanity is worth much more!
    4. Any tshirt bag can be used. How many grocery bags do you just have lying around the house or crammed in drawer? Be honest! Take them and put them in your glove box now and use them!
    5. Just buy one. I promise you will not be disappointed. If my husband can keep his truck tidy after using a tidy hook, so can you!

  9. Jones

    This product seems like a bag on a hook. Wrong! It’s super durable and can literally hold almost half a case of used up water bottles.Most people have kids and kids are messy. If you’re cars not messy you don’t have kids or teens.This bag holds lots of trash and does not tear.I have one in the kitchen keep it hung on the oven. So much easier for peelings than pulling out the annoying huge trash can.I also use it for my compost it holds tons of heavy peelings doesn’t tear or leak like those plastic grocery bags.For all this who have banned the plastic bag these are excellent and reusable.

  10. Rich Perreault

    What a great product. It keeps your vehicle neat and clean.

  11. Matt

    Love it! My kids finally have a place to put their trash on long road trips:)

  12. Michael Decotis

    Best thing you could buy if you wanna keep any car clean very convenient and easy location to reach for everyone.

  13. Lisa

    Easy to reach it while driving and the fact that my kids can easily use it.

  14. Todd

    The product was positioned in a great spot, which meant I didn’t have to struggle to put in the trash.

  15. Mary

    The product was easy to install and user friendly. The product hung in the perfect position for me as a drive to throw trash away and made it easily accessible for use by other passengers as well.

  16. James

    Absolutely love the Tidy Hook!! So easy for the driver to reach and my kids can actually help me keep the back seat of my truck clean instead of trashing it 🙂 .

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TidyHook Auto Reviews

What our customers have to say about TidyHook Auto

5 reviews for TidyHook Auto

  1. Jennifer

    Love it! My husband has a convertible and the TidyHook is a serious game changer. We were always those people with little pieces of trash blowing out of the car whenever the top was down (napkins, wrappers, etc.) and using a regular bag on the floor didn’t work, because that would blow around all over the place too. Pretty embarrassing and annoying lol. This product fits nicely on the passenger’s seat and keeps trash secure so I don’t have to worry about being “that person” anymore 🙂 Car’s clean, no trash blowing out, it’s perfect. Also, huge bonus that this is made in the USA and so durable.

  2. Pauly

    The Tidy Hook products are absolutely amazing, both the Auto and Home are made of the best quality high grade material including the leak and tear resistant bags. They both are easy to assemble and are extremely easy to use. I love that they are Made in the USA. I have now taken the step to Tidy Up My Life as their catch phrase says you should.

  3. James

    I definitely enjoyed the ease of use of the product. The fact that installation took fifteen seconds and changing bags took about the same amount of time meant that I can use the product without disrupting my daily routine. The amount of trash that I have in my car. My kids used it a lot!

  4. Mary

    It made me conscious of my organizational behavior while in my car. It kept my car much cleaner, and was easy to install. My kids had something to throw their trash in besides my van’s floor.

  5. Todd

    Finally, a device that is conveniently located with a larger storage capacity for vehicle clutter.

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